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VFNRadio Broadcast Second Hour 2/15/13


     One step Closer to Drones Flying over America


Greg, John, and Pat discuss how CBN reports that we are one step closer to having drones flying across America.  Some Americans are willing to even forego their constitutional rights for perceived benefits.  They caution us not to be willing to hand over our constitutional rights. 







    U.S. Citizenship Test and Game: Humor 86-90
Greg, Pat  and John revisit the citizenship test given to people who want to become citizens of the United States. They have fun answering questions given on the test, with Greg asking the questions as the host, with Jeopardy music and all.  They answer questions like: What major event happened on September 11, 2001 in the United States? Name one American Indian tribe in the United State? Name one of the two largest rivers in the United States.  What ocean is on the west coast of the United States?  What ocean is on the east coast of the United States?


    Fruitless Wonders


Greg, John, and Pat share about Jesus denouncing the cities in Matthew 11 that did not repent.  If we try to continue a walk with God without repenting we are merely fruitless wonders.  Jesus says in John 15:16, You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit that will last.  If we are truly going to walk with God we have a responsibility to repent and make him the Lord of our life.  God’s gifts are given to us without repentance but you are not your gift.  We must not look at someone’s gift but the character and the fruit of their life that tells of who they are.  We must not become religious, instead become relational with Jesus.  We must be after the fruit of the Spirit in our lives which can only come forth when we abide with the Lord. 




    VFN Torch Top 3 February 15, 2013


John and Greg share about the Top 3 Stories on the VFN Torch on February 15, 2013:







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