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You May be surprised at what made Jesus Outraged?



Throughout the gospels we find out about Jesus’ kindness and sternness.  We have seen Him heal the sick, deliver the oppressed, move with compassion, teach and preach the scriptures and we also see the Lord be upset and angered.  In the Bible in Ephesians 4:26 the Bible instructs us in our anger do not sin.  So being angry doesn’t mean you have sin.  There is a righteous anger.  Jesus was upset when money changers took over the temple and he told them they have made it a den of robbers that His house is a house of prayer.  He also was upset with Pharisees calling them white washed tombs, they burden new converts and didn’t even lift a finger to help them out.  We also see Jesus being indignant as the Bible describes in Mark 10:13-14 when the disciples hindered the little children from being touched by Him.  John, Greg, and Pat continue to discuss this and begin a conversation with some questions for us to ask and consider.  Are we doing anything that is hindering our children in our homes or church fellowships from being touched by Jesus?  Are we living a life of compromise preaching do what I say and not what I do?  Have we introduced our children to Jesus or too religion or a form of “godliness” void of God.   Proverbs tells us that wise men and women give thought to their ways.  The reason we are to have children is to produce Godly offspring.  Lord, help each parent by your empowering grace to raise children in the way of the Lord so that when they are old they will not depart. 

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