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Discovering a Cause of Gun Violence in Chicago

Greg, John, and Pat share about a discovery for the cause of gun violence in Chicago.   CBN reports that men and ministries in Chicago are working together to address the root cause of gun violence in their city.  They found it is the breakdown of family.  An estimated 24.7 million children live absent from their biological father.  It is said that two years after divorce 51% of children in sole mother custody homes only see their father once or twice a year, or never.  It is also said that 42 % of the fathers fail to see their children at all after divorce.  They continue to share even more statistics of the result of fatherlessness in America.  We need to support fathers and respect them.  They continue to encourage fathers to stick, stay and stand even when it stinks.  Don’t give up, fall on your knees and cry out to God.




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