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VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour March 04, 2013



          It is Well with My Soul; Knowing God as the GOD of Comfort
John, Pat, and Chris share about how we can experience the comfort of God when we face tragedies and setbacks in our lives.  They continue to discuss the classic hymn; It is Well with My Soul.  The song has been sung by many contemporary artist and worship leaders.  However, many don’t know the tragic events that led up to Horatio Spafford writing this amazing song when God comforted him when he experienced tragic loss in his life.  Our prayer is, no matter what you face in your life may you be comforted by Father God.
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    The Bible Mini Series
John, Pat and Chris share about the brand new Bible Miniseries produced by Mark Burnett and his wife.  They continue to discuss a recent interview in which Mark and his wife share how this amazing opportunity came about for them.  Both being Christians they felt called to work on this project.
    Contending for the Faith
Pat, John, and Chris share how important it is to contend for the faith according to Jude 1: 3.  They remind us that we are in a spiritual battle and how the devil hates us and attacks us.  They encourage us to stay on the front lines, remain on the offense and not to be judgmental of our brothers who have been attacked but instead have mercy and help them too.  Proverbs 27:17 says as “iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”
Earth Opens up under Man’s bed in Florida; He has not been seen
John, Pat and Chris discuss how the earth opened up under a bedroom of a man in Fl.  The hole was 20 feet in diameter and went down 40 feet.  The man’s brother said that he heard a sound like a car crash and heard screaming come from his brother’s room.  He went in the room only to find out his brother was gone and all he could see was a mattress.  John, Pat, and Chris continue to share how one never knows when they will have their last moment.  Our last moment can be at any time, the question is; where will we go when we draw our last breathe?  If you are not sure, you can be sure today.

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