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VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour March 11, 2013



    The God who holds the water at bay, keeps the stars in their place and Calms the Wind
Greg, John, and Pat discuss how God holds the water at bay, keep the stars in their place and calms and gives direction of the wind.  They continue to discuss the movie, The Impossible.  The movie was about a family on vacation who without warning was caught by a Tsunami that resulted in the family being divided leaving the 12 year old son to care for his mother.  They continue to share all the tragedies and challenges the family had to overcome.  Things like parasites and illnesses as a result of the Tsunami.  They continue to discuss all the possible things that can happen to us and how often times we neglect that God is the one who keeps so much harm from us.  He is in total control.  They encourage us not to take God for granted.  We can always sleep well when recognize God is in control.
    Maximize Daylight hours to be more Fruitful in God: Find out how many extra hours you will have
Daylight savings time was first introduced during WWI to conserve resources.  It wasn’t until 1966 with the Uniform Time Act that daylight savings time became standard.  Greg, John, and Pat share with us that during the 8 months of daylight savings time we will have had an extra 224 hours of sunlight.  The question is, what will we do with the extra sunlight?  They encourage us to get outdoors, exercise, and go for walks so that you can be more fruitful in the Kingdom of God.  Don’t waste time; invest your time.  Use the extra daylight to share with others about God’s amazing love for them.
    Spiritual Avalanche: Steve Hill’s New Book and Message for the Church;
Millions could be killed
Greg, John, and Pat speak about Revivalist Steve Hill’s new book Spiritual Avalanche.  God gave Steve a vision while on his death bed of the dangers of heretical teachings that are present in the church and if action is not taken by God’s generals to take down the avalanche of deceptive teachings, millions could possibly be killed.  It’s time to step up and declare the truth.  We are called to be loyal to Jesus.  Salvation is free but it will cost you everything.


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