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VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour March 18, 2013

Duck Dynasty’s Reality TV; Good Programming and they Love Jesus
John, Pat, and Chris share about new reality TV program Duck Dynasty.  Now in their third season Duck Dynasty has over 8 million viewers who have tuned into see some good family fun.  The show is about a family from West Monroe Louisiana, who built a multi-million dollar business by making and selling duck calls.  The show has interesting characters that come across as very down to earth people who have a unique sense of style mainly long beards and camouflage.  They try to incorporate humor with good family values and end every show with praying in the name of Jesus at the dinner table.  Phil Robertson and Willie often preach the gospel when they are able to.  Enjoy the brief message below.
NYPD Stop and Frisk Unconstitutional Searching People on the Street without Warrants
John, Pat, and Chris discuss the major lawsuit that is challenging the New York Police Departments use of warrantless stops and searches in high crime neighborhoods.  A statement from someone involved in the class action lawsuits says this “ (they) threw me up against the wall, took everything out of my pockets, threw it on the floor, dumped my bag on the floor, my books and everything,” says David Ourlicht.  I had guns to the back of my head.  Like, I didn’t want to look up or move because there were so many guns drawn.  It’s scary.”  They continue to share how frisking and searching no matter how much crime is stopped, is a direct violation of your fourth amendment right to privacy.
Federal ruling CIA stretches it’s considerable secrecy powers “too far” with DRONES
John, Pat, and Chris discuss the recent federal ruling stated that the CIA stretched its secrecy powers too far.    Reuters reports that there were 10 times as many drone deaths in 2010 as 2004.  They continue to speak and share that President Obama should not have unchecked and unaccountable authority when it comes to using drones.  They also shared that it took a very long discourse between some in Congress; spear headed by Kentucky Senator Paul Ryan to get an answer from the Whitehouse and Attorney General Holder if drones were going to be used on citizens on American soil.  The Attorney General finally said no, of course if there was no imminent threat; leaving the administration a loop hole.
The Authority of the Believer and what Happens when the Church Prays
John, Pat, and Chris discuss the authority the believer has and what happens when the church prays.  Of all the things the disciples asked Jesus to teach them. They asked Jesus to teach them how to pray.  God empowers us with authority and prayer to transact kingdom business.  In Acts 12 we find Peter locked in prison and guarded by 16 guards because of Herod.  Herod has been persecuting the church to the point that he had already killed James.  However, John, Pat, and Chris continue to discuss how that the church was praying to God for Peter and God heard them and supernaturally led Peter out of prison by an angel.  God has given us power and authority to pray and see his kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.  

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