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VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour March 5, 2013


John buys Hand Dandy Clothes Steamer; Family laughs

John shares how on what was supposed to be a quick stop at the mall to get his phone fixed also made a purchase of a clothes steamer.  He shares how he thought this would be a great idea and was excited to bring it home only to find out that it didn’t work when he was trying to demonstrate it for his family.  They enjoyed a good laugh.
Egypt, Israel and President Obama’s expected first Presidential visit to Israel
John, Pat, and Chris share how Egypt’s “President” Morsi has taken sweeping powers.  At the same time the Obama administration has committed to give Egypt 16 fighter Jets and 200 Abram tanks to a country and President who called the United States and Israel enemies.  They continued to share how President Obama is scheduled to arrive in Israel in March for the first time as President.  They continue to encourage us to pray for Israel and that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would be able to form a coalition government before the President’s arrival.
To Whom Much Has Been Given; Much is Required
It seems like every time we hear the news today we are hearing more about the economy; everything from fiscal cliff, budget battles and sequestration not to mention news about the very challenging economy we are facing and what is to come.  John, Pat and Chris challenge us with a question.  What is the Christian to do during these trying financial times?  They share with us that we need to get our spiritual house in order and our financial house in order.  According to George Barna, only 3% of the church actually tithes.  How can we remain blessed if we don’t honor God?  They share startling statistics on how Americans are so blessed in relation to the world’s population.  God has already blessed America; it’s time for America to bless God.


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