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VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour March 6, 2013



Hugo Chavez , Venezuelan President Dead at 58;  New Open Doors for the Gospel
John, Pat, and Chris discuss the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez who died of cancer at the age of 58.  Hugo Chavez was the oppressive socialist leader of Venezuela whose government provided for the poor.  He once called President George W. Bush a devil in a United Nations speech.  He also allied himself with Iran’s President and Fidel Castro of Cuba. They continue to share how Chavez’s socialistic government’s goal is to replace God and have the people dependent on the government.  Now with Chavez gone we are believing for a powerful move of God that causes the nation to be free to serve and know the Lord.
Cardinals Prepare to vote for next Pope who will be in power to see Rome Destroyed, according to Malachy Prophecy
Pope Benedict resigned February 28, 2013; the last time a Pope resigned was 600 years ago. John, Pat, and Chris share how 115 Cardinals are gathered at the Vatican to elect a new Pope and according to the Saint Malachy prophecy, the new Pope will be in power when Rome is destroyed.
Baby Born with HIV Cured of with Medicine
John, Pat, and Chris share how a baby born with HIV has been cured with treatment.  They continue to share the implications of this treatment and how so many people infected with HIV can be cured and healed.
 President Obama and Reverend Billy Graham pray for each other
John, Pat and Chris share an account about when President Obama was on a family vacation in North Carolina and made an unscheduled visit to Reverend Billy Graham’s home.  Reverend Billy Graham spoke with the President and prayed for him and America.  At the end of Rev. Billy Graham’s prayer the President prayed for Rev. Billy Graham.
God is Stuck on you; the Sticking Power of God’s Love
John, Pat, and Chris share how God is stuck on you according to Romans 8:35-37.  There is nothing that will separate God’s love for you.  No troubles, no hardships, difficulties, or trials.  He is God and He doesn’t change.   Even when we were unlovable and others abandoned us He never abandoned us.  Proverbs 28:24…there is friend that sticks closer than a brother.  God’s love is so amazing that we must never confuse His love as a license for sin.  He loves us with perfect love.


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