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VFNRadio Broadcast Second Hour March 11, 2013



      A U.S. Quarter size Mosquito headed to FL this Summer: Their Bite feels like being knifed
Greg, John, and Pat share about how a U.S. quarter size mosquito called Gallinipper and how it is poised to reach Florida this summer.  It is being reported that being bit by this mosquito is like being knifed.  They continue to speak about how this is just another fulfillment of prophetic prophecy namely one shared by John Paul Jackson in the Perfect Storm.  The good thing is that they don’t carry diseases.
Scared Straight- Warning others of the Dangers that Lie ahead
Greg, John and Pat share about a program called Scared Straight.  The program is about young boys who have gotten into trouble, delinquents, and they participated in this program where correction officers and inmates share their time with nothing to gain with the hopes of preventing any young boys to come to prison.  They continue to share about all the people that have been warned over the years and about the dangers of sin and going to hell with the hope for them to turn and give their lives to Jesus.  Some turned some didn’t ending up in devastated conditions of broken marriages, heart attacks, incarcerated and even death.  This is the condition of America.  Sin is crouching at your door God said to Cain.  Stop sinning and do what’s right.  God loves you and recognizes your condition but you will have to humble yourself, cry out to God and He will empower you to walk with Him.
 Discovering a Cause of Gun  Violence in Chicago
Greg, John, and Pat share about a discovery for the cause of gun violence in Chicago.   CBN reports that men and ministries in Chicago are working together to address the root cause of gun violence in their city.  They found it is the breakdown of family.  An estimated 24.7 million children live absent from their biological father.  It is said that two years after divorce 51% of children in sole mother custody homes only see their father once or twice a year, or never.  It is also said that 42 % of the fathers fail to see their children at all after divorce.  They continue to share even more statistics of the result of fatherlessness in America.  We need to support fathers and respect them.  They continue to encourage fathers to stick, stay and stand even when it stinks.  Don’t give up, fall on your knees and cry out to God.

 Jesus; The Giver of REST and PEACE for the Weary Soul

Greg, John, and Pat discuss how in Matthew 11:28-30 Jesus gives rest and peace for the weary soul.  He invites us to come to him; all that are weary, burdened, wiped out, beat and drained and he will give you rest for your souls.  He wants us to take His yoke.  Taking the Lord’s yoke means to make Him the Lord of your life and allow Him to lead you.  You can yoke yourself to him because he gentle and humble exercising great patience with you.  There is a resting place for you, yoke yourself today to the one who loves you and is gentle and humble.


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