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VFNRadio Broadcast Second Hour March 15, 2013



1    We Need Heroes
Greg and John share how heroes are not made they just happened.  There is a lack of heroes today is shared as heroes in the past are reviewed who have done well in their times, but it is time for new heroes to come on the scene.  Heroes are men and women who see danger, injustice or someone in harm and make a personal choice to rescue those in harm’s way.  Listen and be challenged to stop looking for heroes and be ready to be the hero that is needed for your generation.
     Joy of the LORD
John, Pat, and Chris share about the joy of the Lord.  Many today are depressed, sad, or in despair.  The truth is that there are enough things that can happen to you on any given day that if you sit on it and park there you will go down a very slippery slope.  We can either think about the bad things that are happening in our life or we can choose to think about what God has done and is doing in our life.  God’s word tells us the joy of the Lord is your strength. 
God works with you when you work with Him
John, Pat, and Chris discuss how when we work with God he works with us.  In Mark 16:20 the disciples went out preaching the gospel and God confirmed their message with signs and wonders.  They continued to speak about Phillip the Evangelist and how God used him to reach the Ethiopian eunuch.  Phillip heard God’s voice and obeyed what God told him to do and as a result the Ethiopian eunuch came to God and was baptized.  God will partner with us when we do His will. 


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