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God and Hitler: Dietrich Bonhoeffer; Pastor, Prophet, and Spy The will and back bone to Confront Evil Part 2

LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Chris discuss the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer Pastor, Prophet and Spy when Hitler was in power, during the time that much of the church was deceived by Hitler; Bonhoeffer was not  deceived.  Abiding with God daily is so important to not only be in communion with God but to walk in the light of truth.  Bonhoeffer eventually came to the U. S. to study in NY and found that Jesus, the Cross, and sin were not preached in many church’s in NYC, much of what is happening today over 80 years later.  However, he did fine a black church in Harlem that did and he became a part of what God was doing there and seeing firsthand how Americans were treating people of color.  It would only be a few short years before he would find out himself how Hitler would be treating Jews in his country.   Bonhoeffer fought for the truth of God in all the churches in Germany sharing with his fellow countrymen and believers that the church is where Jews and Germans can come together but even most Christians at the time were too deceived to do this.  Boenhoffer knew that he was going to be drafted but he also knew that he would not be doing Jewish people any harm so he boarded the last ship leaving Germany and arrived in the U. S.   He only spent 26 days in the U.S. before being called to go back into the fires of hell in Germany to help bring Hitler down.  He became a double agent and worked with others over a ten year period of time to devise a plan to kill Hitler.  The assassination attempt failed and it didn’t take long for Bonhoeffer to be found out.  He was sent to a Gastopo prison and was ordered by Hitler to be hung.  Hitler committed suicide just three weeks later.  They encourage us to remember Bonhoeffer who did not look at himself and say what can I do he realized that if God was with him, there was a majority.  God is not looking for our ability or inability he is looking for your availability.  Bonhoeffer opened himself up for God’s grace to be on his life. When the church was deceived he was willing to confront evil no matter the cost.
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