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Home » John and his wife bike ride through Central Park: humor

John and his wife bike ride through Central Park: humor

LISTEN NOW ! John, Greg, and Pat talk about John and his wife’s recent bike ride as they celebrated their anniversary.  John shares how much they enjoyed taking in the beautiful park the beautiful intentional landscapes.  John describes how he took out his phone to take pictures of his wife riding her bike with one hand and pressed the brakes with the other causing the front tire to stop on a dime resulting in the back tire to go completely up launching John over the handle bars a few feet.  Although it sounds and looked bad John is grateful he wasn’t hurt at the same time couldn’t help laughing at himself especially shortly after he fell again trying to take on a large hill only to fall on his wife and her bike.  They laughed so much.  It was long before he got the hang of it and they enjoyed a wonderful day together celebrating their special day.
courtesy of T photography/

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