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LISTEN NOW!  Greg, Pat and Chris discuss a recent report by CBN News on how an ex-manager of Planned Parenthood exposes the pushing of web cam self-abortions.  Sue Thayer said she thought she would be helping women until it became clear that every clinic in her home state of Iowa would now be offering these web cam abortions where doctors Skype in and remotely hand out the abortion pill known as RU-486 to be taken there and another pill to take at home to expel the fetus. Sue was fired for her disagreement of these practices and was told she had to sign an agreement stating that she wouldn’t speak of what she had seen in the clinic to be able to receive her last check. She did not sign the letter. From there she joined a group of Pro-lifers who began a 40 day prayer vigil out front of the clinic she used to work for and then a miracle happened; the clinic went out of business. Thayer says, “I have absolutely no explanation for it except God is good and He answers prayer.

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