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Terrorist “could hit every major sporting event at the same time, Rick Joyner says


LISTEN NOW! Rick Joyner, gives a special bulletin on the strategy of Islamic Jihadist who has even posted it on their website, to destroy America and the western civilization. Rick shares a report of the FBI knowing of members of the Muslim Brotherhood are now a part of the CIA in which they are doing sensitivity training towards Islam, using political correctness and our own Constitution against us. He also shares how CAIR, Council on America Islamic Relations, was named as an un-indicted terrorist co-conspirator. The courts have all the evidence they need to indict them….but it’s not their position to indict them and our Government won’t indict them. Rick says that Homeland Security is reporting that America’s greatest threat comes from right wing

Rick Joyner

extremists, evangelical’s and even retired military and Islamic Jihadist’s, where 99.9% of attacks have come from are not even on this list. And this comes from the “sensitivity training” that is being enforced inside our Government agencies. He goes on to share how these two men shut an entire city down during the Boston Marathon bombing and how Islam Jihadist’s used this as a test and before long we can expect larger attacks even at large public sporting events. He goes on to speak on General Boykin was on Osama Binladen’s hit list, how the Government is no longer tracking terrorist inside the U.S and Homeland Security buying up 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition and much more…


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