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VFNRadio First Hour, April 19, 2013



Russian Bombers; Russian Navy Fleet at DNC; Americans deny God

Greg, John and Pat discuss recent developments in the Boston Marathon bombing were one suspect has been shot and killed and one is still being sought after.  They discuss a recent interview given by the uncle of the two bombers.  In this interview the uncle shares how he didn’t have much of a  relationship with the boys but does recall a time when they visited him and they said that they converted to Islam and were interested in Jihad.  He told them to stay in school, go work, and do good, that this not what we came to this country for.  They continue to discuss as more information is being released about the bombers that they were from Russia.  They share how it was uncomfortable to hear leaders from other countries that have been adversarial towards America sharing their condolences including President Vladimir Putin from Russia.  They continue to discuss, why did the President of United States who was running for reelection at the time have what appeared to be a 50 foot in size image of the Russian Navy fleet in the background of the Democratic National Convention?  Was the President trying to send a signal to Russia?  They also discussed President Obama’s comment to then President Medvedev of Russia when he said something to the affect that to give him more time since he was in the middle of an election then he can be more flexible and Medvedev his heard saying I will transmit to Vladimir, meaning Putin.  What is happening to America that even at the Democratic National Convention Americans and in particular Arab Americans at the convention publicly booed and denied God.  Satan has a plan and he will use any willing party to do is evil bidding.  In the Bible Russia is considered the bear and it seems as if the President is making friends with nations that want to do Israel and Christians harm.  


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