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VFNRadio First Hour April 24, 2013




Asher is HERE; A sign pointing to freedom for God’s people

Greg, John and Pat share about the arrival of Greg’s 5thgrandson.  Greg shares that he received a call from his son on April 22nd saying that it was time.  Greg shares how just that morning the Lord spoke to him that Asher would be born on the 23rd.  As some time goes by it is becoming apparent that Asher is not ready to come out and the Doctor walks into the hospital room and boldly says “this is what is going to happen.  You are going to go home and at midnight come back and the baby is going to be born.”  Asher was born just like God told Greg on the 23rd of April.  Just like God spoke to Greg in detail about Asher when he was conceived He spoke again at his birth.  God is the one who determines according to Acts 17:26 the exact times that we are to be born and live.  They continue to talk about the significance of his name which comes from the Bible and is one of the 12 Tribes of Israel.  Asher was used in setting his brother Joseph free and he and his family settled in Canaan the Promised Land.  There is a shifting taking place and the reason you are seeing so many suddenlies is because God is having mercy.  Asher is sign that God’s people are going to be set free from captivity.  God is about to move.
The Timing of the LORD:  There is a shifting taking place; Don’t miss it
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat discuss the timings of the Lord.  There is a shifting happening and God is about to move.  It is foolish not to do what God says to do when He tells you to do it.  Greg shares an analogy that underscores the point that we must be in sync with the timings of God otherwise we will miss it.  They continue to speak about how the game of football is played; two teams, referees, rules, and plays.  There are 11 men on offense who memorize a book 4 inches thick worth of plays.  There are plays for the whole team for individual positions.  Every positioned player has a play to execute.  They have something specifically that they have to do however; they don’t put the play in motion until the quarterback gives the command to the center to hike the ball. If someone jumps to soon then they will get penalized, if they move too late the play will fall apart.  Jesus is the one who is calling the plays.  We move and do when He tells us to.  You need to read the survival plan; it’s in Revelation, “hear what the Spirit says to the church.”  God wants to move us out of the mire, the stickiness, the dead religion and move us into the abiding presence of God.  God in his mercy is sending a clarion call.  A powerful move of God is coming. 


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