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A Broken People Reaching out to a Broken People


LISTEN NOW! I’ve been seeing this vision in my spirit Greg says, that satan will not be satisfied until every child, marriage or form of gender is destroyed. He goes on to discuss how Communion is done for the remembrance of Jesus and what he died for and again satan won’t be satisfied until every wafer that is to represent the body of Jesus is stamped saying Plan B. Our nation is now handing out the Plan B pill to 15 year olds. Greg shares a rap song that speaks how Christians are criticizing the youth for having abortions but then shame them for having a baby.  Which side are we going to be on? To be on both sides is to be on satan’s side. King David was an adulterer and a murderer but yet he was a man after God’s heart whose son, Solomon was used to build the Temple of God. David’s situation was a mess and we need to realize that we to are a mess but if we turn to God and ask for forgiveness like David who said, “against you and you only have I sinned”, He will restore us and empower us to be able to walk out a righteous life.


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