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Benghazi: Terror from the “Get go” CBN News Reports

 screen capture from CNN.com

LISTEN NOW! Greg and Pat discuss that since the beginning of the Benghazi situation we have been saying that there was something wrong… what happened just wasn’t right. CBN is now reporting that there are some from the State Department saying and are going to testify that they knew from the beginning of the attack on the Consulate in Benghazi, Egypt where Ambassador Stephens and other Americans were killed, was a terrorist attack. The Republicans in Congress are charging the administration with covering this up. Some Republicans say the administration’s response was calculated coming on the heels of a presidential election less than two months away.

One official from state department is going to testify thata small team of U.S Special Forces were ready to fly a rescue mission to Benghazi but where ordered to stand down. A prophetic word from John Paul Jackson that says, a day is coming we will not be able to trust our political leaders. “This is tragic,” but what’s most tragic, is people are not even thinking about it and doesn’t even cross their minds that the largest attack on America has faded away. Lord, keep us awake.


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