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Home » Chilling Interview with Abortionist Staffers: Eye witness testimonies of Late Term Abortions

Chilling Interview with Abortionist Staffers: Eye witness testimonies of Late Term Abortions


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how we have been praying one 24 hour day in shifts of three hours for five years.  We have been blessed to pray for others including the church, government officials, the President and for God to end abortion and send revival.    They continue to discuss the recent sentencing of Kermit Gosnell late term abortionist in Philadelphia in what his clinic has been called a house of horror.  He was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences with no parole.  They also aired an interview first released by the Blaze where three abortionist staffers who assisted Douglas Karpen.  They share in detail what they saw and participated in regards to late term abortions.  They describe one abortion in which the abortionist doctor thought the baby was dead and the baby opened its eyes and grab the doctors finger, that baby was murdered like the rest.  This interview is chilling as the three staffers share the horrific procedures that were done to murder these babies and the large amounts of blood that covered everything during these abortions.  Greg, John, and Pat continue to share how God is answering prayers and bringing justice.   They continue to discuss, how can we be shocked about the horrific murdering that has been taking place since 1973 when Roe V. Wade legalized the killing of children?  They also share how much God loves the women who killed their children and the men who participated.  They encourage women who have had abortions to seek forgiveness from the Lord and for those who are contemplating killing their child to seek other alternatives to killing their children and share about some of the services that are available through Bethany Christian Services.

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