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Human Trafficking on the Rise at Kentucky Derby


screen capture from NBC.com

LISTEN NOW! Sex Trafficking has been brought to Louisville Kentucky, says CBN, because of the multitude of people coming from around the world to the Kentucky Derby. Handlers are setting up so-called escort services to make what they call fast money because of so many people in one area for a short period of time and also using code words like Philly and mustang that represent the girls that are being brought in. Greg plays a video from Exodus Cry that gives insight to what is taking place with human trafficking.  One man in the video interview said that he had been with about 500 girls in the last 2 years, another made a comment, and “It’s like ordering pizza”. The CIA says this is the 3rd largest Industry in the world. These judgments that are coming upon us are because we have remained silent. It’s time to be a part. Will we rescue them? Partner with ExodusCry.org

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