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Home » Israel says it can be at war suddenly

Israel says it can be at war suddenly


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, Chris discuss according to CBN that Israel can be at war at any moment.  They face a threat of war on multiple fronts especially if Syria collapses and their chemical weapons fall into the wrong hands.  How ever goes Israel so goes the church.  We encourage you to stand with Israel and organizations like CUFI, Christians United For Israel.  Jesus said even people that don’t follow me know the season and times.  We must be alert to the season we are living in.  Israel is smaller than the state of New Jersey and is completely surrounded by its enemies and yet God has protected the apple of His eye.  There are approximately 12 million Jews in the world and about 6 million of them live in Israel.  The hatred of them and their continual existence is a continual sign to us all; stand with Israel.

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