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Home » It’s Time to Respond to the Fear of the Lord

It’s Time to Respond to the Fear of the Lord


LISTEN NOW! Greg and Pat continue to share from John Bevere’s book the Fear of the Lord. They tell us that when you have a fear of God you are always mindful of what you are saying, touching and thinking. John Bevere writes that when he visited Jim Baker in prison (who had all charges dropped against him) said that if he had kept going the way he was he would have ended up in hell. They play a video of several ministers who spoke on the fear of the Lord with some saying, Now is the time to embrace the fear of the Lord. There was a time in this country if you walked into a church your sin would be dealt with. The fear of God is absent from the Church today. In Jeremiah the prophet’s day the false prophets would have a bigger crowd than the true prophets of God because they would tell the people only what they wanted to hear. When Jeremiah would speak the people would run him off.

Greg goes on to say that the fear of the Lord needs to be present and the best way for  the Kingdom to grow and the Church to advance is to have a healthy fear of the Lord. Don’t look to America look to those who fear God and to look to those who abide. If we want this nation to turn it’s going to require us to fear the Lord. Lord strike our hearts with lightning from your throne.


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