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Judgment Delayed is not Judgment Denied; Fear of the Lord

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LISTEN NOW! Pat and Greg continue to discuss the revelation they are getting from John Bevere’s book the Fear of the Lord. Pat recounted the stories of Nadab and Abihu, Ananias and Saphira and how God’s presence was so prevalent during these times sin was dealt with quickly for God’s presence judge’s sin. He continues to share how Eli the High Priest and his sons who ministered in the Temple of the Lord did horrific things in the temple and treated wrongly the offerings that were given. The word tells us that the voice of the Lord was rare in those days. The light of God was dim. It was because God’s presence was not there. God cannot be near sin, as stated earlier God’s presence judge’s sin. So they began to believe everything was okay because nothing was being said but eventually there sin was dealt with and in a day Levi and both of his sons died and the Ark of God was taken into captivity. This is what John Bevere calls Judgment delayed is not judgment denied. It is only the grace of God that he doesn’t deal with us immediately. It’s time for us to deal with our sin and get desperate for God.

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