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Roller Coaster Weather; Fulfillment of Prophecy

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat discuss the roller coaster weather pattern that occurred on Memorial Day.  For some it was sunny for others it was snowing and even heavy rains that caused flooding.  According to CBN, AccuWeather meteorologist Bernie Rayno said, “When you think of spring you think of extreme weather.” We had extreme weather. Last spring it was hot. This spring it’s been cool, and in the Central Planes it’s been wet.  There were more than 200 severe weather reports this weekend alone.”  They continue to discuss how off the grid weather patterns are the fulfillment of prophetic words given by John Paul Jackson and Jim Baker.  The only way to describe it is this is something of biblical proportions that is taking place.  When we see these things happening in our weather it’s God speaking to us through the weather so we can take personal inventory of ourselves and make appropriate changes. 

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