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The Heavens are God’s Billboard; 4 Blood Moons coming and what does it mean for Israel?

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how the Heavens are God’s billboard as they discuss the coming 4 blood moons that NASA is predicting on specific dates that line up with the Jewish calendar.  They continue to discuss what John Hagee Ministries shared regarding the four blood moons that NASA has predicted to happen starting on April 15, 2014.  

The last time this happened was on three separate occurrences in the last 500 years: 

– The first was in 1492 when King Ferdinand expelled the Jews for not converting to Catholicism and confiscated their property.  That is also when the Jewish people gave money to an explorer named Christopher Columbus to find them a new place where they can worship God freely.  

– The second time occurred in 1948 when Israel became a nation and only 11 minutes after they declared themselves a state, then President Harry Truman with the full force backing of the United States confirmed and validated Israel as a country before the world.  

– The third time this happen was during the 6 day Yom Kippur war when Israel was attacked and as a result of the war Jerusalem came under the borders of Israel.  

They share how all these events began in sowing of tears but ended in joy.  However, goes Israel so goes the church.  Their blinders will come off when the full number of gentiles comes in.  When they see God and how He miraculously defends and protects them they will come to Him.  If you don’t know the Lord this is good time to know Him and make Him the Lord of your life and to pray that America can make it so America can stand with Israel the apple of God’s eye.      

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