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Home » The Killing Fields: More than 900 Christians Killed in Nigeria

The Killing Fields: More than 900 Christians Killed in Nigeria

by Rinder

LISTEN NOW! We need to get a perspective of what’s going on, Greg says. You may not be listening to what’s going but that is not a good thing. Once you’ve given up your place in society you lose society. Dr. King said, “true evil is when good men say nothing.” Greg and Pat go on to discuss the 2 men who set off the bombs in Boston that killed 4 people and shut down the entire city and the soldier involved at the FT. Hood shooting were Muslim extremists. God loves Muslims and doesn’t want us to kill anyone. This brings us to the question, what does light and darkness have to do with one another?

CBN reports on what is being called the Killing Fields that over 900 Christians have been killed in Nigeria by Muslim extremists. Sharia Law has been put in place in Northern Nigeria and what is being said is that there has been no richer or more ready of a time in history for a religious war. It is also being reported that the U.S. State Department is reluctant in blaming Radical Islamists for what is going on and the Nigerian president is offering amnesty to the terrorists. Greg and Pat continue to discuss how they are trying to get a perspective of all that is taking place and go on to compare Islam and Christianity and The Bible vs. the Koran. So many are trying to mesh the two together calling it Chrislam but the fact is one cancels out the other, they are total opposites. The pastors in Nigeria are being brutalized and murdered.  You can’t make this stuff up, Greg say’s. Satan has used this religion and many others to come against Jesus. Many people are being told to serve, convert or die. They go on to share from a previous segment entitled, Muslim Brotherhood 101 where they discuss how President Obama empowered the Muslim Brotherhood and how they have allegedly infiltrated our government and the creed of the Brotherhood whose ultimate goal is to kill and die for their God. There is a storm that has been fashioned against us. We can still repent and God can turn it from us. America was founded on God being over America. These are amazing times and season we are in.

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