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Home » VFNRadio First Hour May 30,2013

VFNRadio First Hour May 30,2013


    John’s Fitness Program; Running around the Block, humor


LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Steve talk about John’s fitness program.   He continues to share how his father n law and brother n law are so fit.  His 68 year old father n law actually competed in the 3 mile obstacle Spartan race.  His brother n law leads the Pensacola Fit Club.  So John decided put together his own fitness program where he runs around the block. He has been able to do that so many times in just one work out without even breaking a sweat.




    Israel ready for war as Syria civil war continues


LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Steve discuss how Israel is ready for war as civil war continues in Syria according to CBN.    It is being reported by CBN that Israel practiced home front drills to be better prepared if war does break out.  They continued that Israel has two concerns one that the civil war in Syria where 80,000 people lost their lives will spill over into Israel and secondly that Syria’s chemical weapons might fall into the hands of Israel’s enemy, Hezbollah .  They continue to encourage us to stay informed and to pray specifically for the safety of the Israeli’s.  They also encouraged us to stand with those who have faithfully stood with Israel.  We must remember and never forget that as Israel goes so goes the church.


    Failure is not Final


LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Steve discuss how failure is not final as they share about Former NFL coach and Super Bowl champion Tony Dungy’s encouraging word for Tim Tebow when he said that “God has a spot for you.”  Tim Tebow for the first time in his career does not have an NFL team to report to since being released from the NY Jets.  They continue to discuss how failure is more common than success and that when we do fail we can learn from our failures and as John Maxwell says, “fail forward”.  Sometimes the Lord will allow us to be in a situation that the only move we can make is to look up.  The Bible tells us that in Proverbs 24:16 “for though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again…”  They continue to discuss how everyone wants a testimony but nobody wants to go through the test and everyone wants to go through the fire but doesn’t want to feel the heat of the flames.  When we are at our lowest we must reach out to God and cry out to him.  We can either magnify our problem or magnify the Lord who is the answer to any problem, set back and or failure we could ever face.  They continue to hear Tony Dungy’s testimony of how he would not compromise who he was for success and trusted God and doing things His way and how the Lord led him to victory.




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