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VFNRadio First Hour May 7, 2013


Benghazi: Terror from the “Get go” CBN News Reports

Greg and Pat discuss that since the beginning of the Benghazi situation we have been saying that there was something wrong… what happened just wasn’t right.
CBN is now reporting that there are some from the State Department saying and are going to testify that they knew from the beginning of the attack on the Consulate in Benghazi, Egypt where Ambassador Stephens and other Americans were killed, was a terrorist attack. The Republicans in Congress are charging the administration with covering this up. Some Republicans say the administration’s response was calculated coming on the heels of a presidential election less than two months away.
One official from state department is going to testify thata small team of U.S Special Forces were ready to fly a rescue mission to Benghazi but where ordered to stand down.
A prophetic word from John Paul Jackson that says, a day is coming we will not be able to trust our political leaders. “This is tragic,” but what’s most tragic, is people are not even thinking about it and doesn’t even cross their minds that the largest attack on America has faded away. Lord, keep us awake.

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Being a Shrewd Manager when facing uncertain times

Greg continues a conversation on “This Generation”, and how God will send you into captivity starting with sending raiders to plunder you till eventually everything is taken away. It seems like you’re doing well financially, you have things and stuff because you’re borrowing money. “I remember when I got my first credit card, says Greg. “I had an ignorant sense of wealth until the first payment came due.” If you don’t gain wisdom you will fall into the trap of going deeper into debt by getting a loan to pay off another loan then getting another loan to pay off that one. This is an endless cycle until eventually your entire income goes to pay off debt. Then the realization comes, “I guess I wasn’t doing well and now you are subject to the task master. Begin today paying off your debt. He goes on to share how China holds much of America’s debt and at any moment they could call it in. Germany has already asked for their gold. Greg remind us of the parable of the Shrewd Manager found in Luke 16 and how he had to change the way he was doing things if he was going to survive, which boils down to how we treat others and how we treat God. It is time for America to start making better decisions.

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Judgment Delayed is not Judgment Denied; Fear of the Lord

Pat and Greg continue to discuss the revelation they are getting from John Bevere’s book the Fear of the Lord.
Pat recounted the stories of Nadab and Abihu, Ananias and Saphira and how God’s presence was so prevalent during these times sin was dealt with quickly for God’s presence judge’s sin. He continues to share how Eli the High Priest and his sons who ministered in the Temple of the Lord did horrific things in the temple and treated wrongly the offerings that were given. The word tells us that the voice of the Lord was rare in those days. The light of God was dim. It was because God’s presence was not there. God cannot be near sin, as stated earlier God’s presence judge’s sin. So they began to believe everything was okay because nothing was being said but eventually there sin was dealt with and in a day Levi and both of his sons died and the Ark of God was taken into captivity. This is what John Bevere calls Judgment delayed is not judgment denied. It is only the grace of God that he doesn’t deal with us immediately. It’s time for us to deal with our sin and get desperate for God.

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Faith is to stop believing what you see and to start seeing what you believe, Kathryn Kuhlman:
Kathryn Kuhlman went after God despite what people said of her. She had a deep compassion for people being willing to sleep in a chicken coop just so she could minister. Where is that passion today? We don’t suffer for anything. You hear of ministers saying today they won’t come and speak unless they get this size room or this much money… Kathryn said,” Faith is to stop believing what you see and to start seeing what you believe”. God has given you the ability and power to do. We are created in the image and likeness of God who is a creative being which makes us creative beings. We can speak things into existence. Get into the word and begin to speak it over your lives; believe God to get you out of wherever you are. People rejected Kathryn and her ministry but God didn’t. He used her in such a way stadiums were filled and God poured his Spirit out on many and healed them. Many received from her abiding experiences with God.  We are believing for a 3rd Great Awakening and are beginning to feel the trembling of what is to come.

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