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VFNRadio Second Hour May 1, 2013



     A Move of God is Inside You
Are you longing to have a move of God in your life? God wants to move through you and wants you to be whole. In your faith it will happen.  The Lady who had the issue of blood believed that if she just touched the hem of Jesus’ robe she would be healed and Jesus told her, your faith has healed you, not the disciples not doctrine but something inside her, the measure of what we’ve all been given; faith. No matter your circumstances push through to get to God. We have but a vapor of time to do something for God.

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    Who is Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?
Jesus sits on the side of a mountain and speaks on who is greatest in the Kingdom of God. “If we listen we will know our place”, says Greg. Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:17-20 that whoever breaks the least of these commands (that man has categorized, because Jesus also said if you break one part of the law you’ve broken them all), will be least in the Kingdom but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be great… He also tells us in Matthew 28:19-20 to go make disciples and teach them to obey. Our disobedience is not the fault of anyone else’s disobedience. We are held accountable for our own actions. Greg goes on to share it is not by works we are saved but the desire to do comes when we are saved. And Jesus also says that if we don’t change and become like little children who have no concern of where their food or clothes or anything else comes from, will not be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We must have childlike faith. Greg goes on to share, Trust God he has your back and you will be the greatest in the Kingdom of God.

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What’s the POINT?
It’s amazing how many people go through life not asking themselves, why am I doing what I’m doing? Greg and Pat discuss that there are three types of people and ask, which one do you want to be? The first is a person who is called a hear hearer, someone who goes through life hearing sermon after sermon and makes plans to hear the next. The second person is called a do doer, one who goes about doing and only concerned about what others are doing and not even concerned with how they are doing. The third are called Who do’s. People who think they are what they do and if they didn’t have any gifts or talents they wouldn’t know who they were. Jesus says in Matthew 7:21 many will come to me on that day and say Lord, Lord  will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven but only those who do the will of my Father. The will say, did I not prophesy, heal the sick and feed the poor. Many will say, didn’t I do… Jesus will say I never knew you away from me you evil doers.

Greg shares with us that God is looking for hear doers, those who hear and do. James 2:18 says, I‘ll show you my faith by what I do. Greg goes on to say, if you are one of these three, I have good news for you. Your faith can be made complete by hearing God’s word hiding it in your heart and do what it says and you will be blessed in all you do?

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Final Pope is Here? No Reason to Believe the Earth is Special

LISTEN NOW! God loves Catholics and so do we. Greg, Pat and Chris discuss the 10th part of 10 segments about how the Final Pope is Here?  The Vatican and aliens. Sid Roth continues the 10th part of his interview with the author of Petrus Romanus and Exo-Vaticana, Thomas Horn.  The authors Chris Putnamm and Thomas Horn write in their second book Exo-Vaticana that the Vatican has a very large interest in extra-terrestrial life on other planets and are accommodating their theology to reflect this belief.  The author shares how they have over 20,000 pages of research as well as hired investigators to uncover what they have found.  The authors predicted with remarkable accuracy that the Pope would resign exactly when they said he would which has not been done in 600 years before. Chris Putnamm goes on to say that we can expect a disturbing theology that is being called Exo-Theology which is the belief of alien life on other planets making earth not that important and an alien religion that will rewrite the book of revelation to include the coming of an alien god, will come from the Catholic Church.  The authors go on to say that this will be a great deception and that their belief is not in aliens but it will be demon’s calling themselves aliens. The Bible has a philosophy of history and God does have a plan for earth, say Chris. The coming of the Lord is near and it will unfold however it unfolds.

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