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VFNRadio Second Hour May 10, 2013



Modern Scribes- Bring Forth New and Old Treasures

Greg and Pat discuss the word from Rick Joyner “Modern Scribes- Bring Forth New and Old Treasures”. The reason we have Bibles today is because there were scribes to write down the words of God that he spoke through Prophets and Kings. The scribe would right out the old and new treasures/moves of God and bring them together.  In the past not many were entrusted with the word of God. It was not until the Gutenberg Press was invented in 1436 was the bible copied and distributed which took up to a year to print. Many people were arrested and persecuted for distributing the bible. Today you can find the Bible almost anywhere; in fact you can even download it from the internet. The media today; radio, TV, movies… can be called scribes but mostly of what they share is so dark. We talk about it all the time, “abiding”, when you abide with God you become your own personal scribe. We encourage you to get a printed Bible if you don’t have one and begin to abide; store up for yourselves treasures from Heaven.

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    Honor Your Mother on Mother’s Day
Greg encourages us to honor our mothers not only on Mother’s Day but every day. One of the 10 Commandments is to honor your father and mother and promises us to have a long peaceful life, if we do so. Take time to honor your parents and let your children see you do it or else you can expect to see the same from them. When you honor them you are honoring God

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    Texas Cheerleaders Win Court Battle to Promote God
A group of high school cheerleaders were told they could not show banners at high school football games that promoted scripture by the school board when an Atheist organization complained about it says, CBN News. The group said it violated the separation of church and state.  “To be a violation of the separation of church and state, the message actually has to come from the government,” says Justin Butterfield, Liberty Institute attorney. The Supreme Court recognized that the girls don’t lose their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse doors. One cheerleader said the lesson she learned was when you believe in something, stand up for what you believe.

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God loves Muslims
Greg and Pat discuss what is being called a migration of Muslims. It is said that Europe before long due to the dwindling birthrate, will soon be an Islamic nation because of this migration. The first thing we need to realize is that Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jews… all human beings, God loves us. He created us in his image. We need to tell them about God and his love for them. We need to see how God see’s things, seek out his view point in his word. “Who Does God Love”, Saul was persecuting the church and killing Christians. It was right after he stood by and enticed the stoning of Stephen when Jesus met him on the road to Damascus and his life changed forever and is name was changed to Paul who then eventually wrote over ½ of the New Testament. God loved him right where he was. He believed at the time what he was doing was right and so do Muslims. They have just not yet had an encounter with Jesus Christ who died once for all.
They share a testimony from CBN from a former Muslim named Naeem Fazal, who had an encounter with God that changed his life and has given his heart to Jesus. He is now speaking into the lives of Muslims encouraging them to take time to sincerely seek Jesus and know that He wants to have relationship with them

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