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VFNRadio Second Hour May 2, 2013


    Rick Joyner speaks on Durban, South Africa – Healing Awakening Todd Bently
Rick shares about the powerful move of God that is taking place in Durban South Africa and how God is opening the spiritual wells that were dug previously by John G. Lake. Rick encourages us to pray for Todd and for God.tv who is broadcasting the revival live. He goes on to say that the darkness across the land is beginning to shift and our prayer should be, Lord I believe that you will deal with sin in the land.

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     America; Be True to What You said on Paper, says Dr. King
Greg and Pat discuss that the original intent of America is found in the U.S Constitution’s Preamble and in the Declaration of Independence and how many of us do not know. They all discuss how the Constitution is being stripped away because of our lack of knowledge. They discuss the three branches of the Government and how they are being passed over by all the new policies and Czars that are being put in place without check.” America; be true to what you said on paper”, says Dr. King.  We are a nation of laws, we do not want to set aside the Constitution but get back to its original intent.

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