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God the ORIGINAL Transformer


LISTEN NOW! Many years ago a toy came out that was called a transformer.  The idea was that the robot toy with a few bends and positions could be transformed from a robot to a completely different object like a car or plane.  They continue to share how God is the original transformer and how He is the one who brings true transformation in our lives.  We see this in particular in the life of the Apostle Paul when he was Saul.  He had an encounter with God that totally transformed his life.  He went from persecuting the church to being a leader in the Church.  They continue to discuss that no matter how we try or how much knowledge we seek out the only person who is going to transform us is God, if we allow Him to.  He will transform us from what we are to be more like His son.  However, that involves us getting out of the way and allowing the water of God’s word and the Spirit of God to do the work in our lives that bring true transformation.

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