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Iran Rallying Millions of Martyrs? All for the End Times


LISTEN NOW! The Middle East is a cup of trembling at the moment.   On any given day you hear about civil unrest, terrorist bombings, and war.  John, Pat and Steve discuss a recent interview between the Host of the television program, It’s Supernatural, and guest Joel Richardson.  They discuss a new movie that was allegedly put together by all the religious leaders of Iran entitled the Coming is Near.  The movie is about rallying Muslims for what they believe to be end time activity as they wait for the Mahdi- the Islamic messiah.  They go on to say that they are calling for millions of Muslims to give their lives in martyrdom for the killing of Jews.  They continue to describe an Islamic Messiah that parallels what the Bible describes as the Anti- Christ.  They shared about coming conflicts and wars and the pursuit of a Caliphate, Islamic government for the world.  At the same time they share of the many Muslims in Iran that are converting to Christianity. 


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