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VFN Radio First Hour June 11, 2013

    Pat and Chris give John hard a time over his new family dog Sonny; Humor
LISTEN NOW! Pat and Chris give John a hard time over his new family dog Sonny.  They continue to talk about the new poodle and their pugs.   Enjoy their discussion about dogs and the blessing a well-trained dog can be.
    Bible Mini-Series becoming a MOVIE
LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Chris share about Mark Burnett revealed that they made progress on the upcoming movie version of the popular miniseries The Bible.   Charisma news reports that The Bible debuted on March 3, 2013 to 13.1 million viewers.  They continued to discuss the power of Christian movies and especially those that share the gospel.

Tim Tebow lands with NFL’s New England Patriots

LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Chris share about how Tim Tebow was picked up to play with the New England Patriots.  They continue to discuss how the encouraging word that former NFL Super Bowl coach Tony Dungy gave Tim Tebow letting him know that God has a place for him.  He surely does and now it is with the Patriots.  They continue to share how failure is not final and how God will see you through any and all adversities and trials.
    Worshiping God on the Baseball Diamond
LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Chris share about how you don’t have to wait for one day out of the week to worship God.  You can live a lifestyle of worship unto the Lord with everything you do.  They continue to discuss how Major League Baseball player Chase Headley worships God on the baseball diamond.  Chase led the National League with RBI and also hit 31 home runs.  Chase says he plays baseball to glorify God and that it’s not about himself but all about the Lord.  John, Pat and Chris continue to share how no matter if you are going to school or work you can give God glory by how you do your work.  This revelation will revolutionize the Christian’s life because no job is too small and no longer has to be mundane when embraced with an attitude that glorifies God by how you approach your work.
    When your LIFE is in the Hands of the Lord; No Defense is needed

LISTEN NOW! John and Pat share about how when your life is in the hands of the Lord; no defense is needed.  So many times people are tempted to defend themselves.  They don’t want to be wronged or mistreated.  Thy look down at taking the lesser role in any situation and they certainly don’t want to be taken advantage of.  However, the truth is that every time we try to defend ourselves, opinions, point of views, reputation and beliefs we are moving in pride.  We can either react or we can take time to respond.  Pride bows up to defend itself.  Humility involves speaking the truth in love even when we suffer a personal cost as a result.  If you are a believer your life is in the Lord’s hands and He has your back you don’t need to defend yourself.  The only person who is worthy to defend is Jesus; we need to yield to Him and entrust Him with our lives. 


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