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VFN Radio Second Hour June 11, 2013


When your LIFE is in the Hands of the Lord; No Defense is needed

LISTEN NOW! John and Pat share about how when your life is in the hands of the Lord; no defense is needed.  So many times people are tempted to defend themselves.  They don’t want to be wronged or mistreated.  Thy look down at taking the lesser role in any situation and they certainly don’t want to be taken advantage of.  However, the truth is that every time we try to defend ourselves, opinions, point of views, reputation and beliefs we are moving in pride.  We can either react or we can take time to respond.  Pride bows up to defend itself.  Humility involves speaking the truth in love even when we suffer a personal cost as a result.  If you are a believer your life is in the Lord’s hands and He has your back you don’t need to defend yourself.  The only person who is worthy to defend is Jesus; we need to yield to Him and entrust Him with our lives. 

European Union in Trouble: Islam, Radicalization, Economic Crisis and    Ghettoes

LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Chris discuss the trouble the European Union is in as they discuss radicalization, economic crises, and Ghettoes.  CBN reports “In Sweden, a few weeks ago predominantly Muslim immigrants set fires for several nights. In Britain, a soldier was butchered on a London street by a Muslim. In France, a recent convert to Islam tried to do the same thing to a French soldier at a Paris metro stop, but only wounded him.” Not to mention how Europe’s economic woes with many citizens in Spain squatting in apartment buildings.  There is infighting and it appears like a perfect storm all coming together in the European Union.  They have allegedly according to CBN created a breeding ground for radical Muslims while they have suppressed Christianity.  The only hope for Europe is the only hope for America; Jesus and the church repenting and turning their hearts back to God.   Everything we are seeing are warning signs that things will get exceedingly worse if we don’t repent.  We can do something now before it becomes too late.  Turn to Jesus.
Man leaves Islam and becomes a Christian Evangelist
Listen NOW! John, Pat and Chris discuss the testimony of a man who renounced Islam and became a Christian Evangelist.  His family fled Iran when he was just a young boy and he had a hard time fitting in America among his classmates.  He was new, different and had to learn a new language.  He felt rejected and tried to get a new look to fit in and that worked for a while but still left him feeling empty.  It wasn’t until he gave his life to Jesus that things began to change for the better in his life.  He even experienced the rejection of his Muslim family when they threw him out of the house when he got baptized.  However, because he remained faithful to the Lord he is now not only speaking to crowds of over 500,000 people but he has seen all of his family members come to the Lord.

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