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VFNRadio First Hour June 14,2013



Is Syria the Tipping Point?


LISTENNOW! John, Pat and Chris discuss recent events in Syria and how their civil war can potentially be the tipping point for a world war.  The civil war that is taking place in Syria is between the President Bashir Assad and the rebel fighters who are the Muslim Brotherhood.   This civil war has resulted in the deaths of 90,000 Syrians.  The Syrian government is being backed by Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia who just sent anti-aircraft missiles to Syria.  President Obama’s administration has been supporting the rebels with rations and medical supplies and has just recently said that his red line has been crossed and that the White House has conclusive evidence that President Assad has used chemical weapons resulting in 150 deaths.  The question they ask is where is Israel in all this?  Both the rebels and Assad have Israel in the crosshairs.  According to CBN Assad promised to open a new front against Israel on the Golan Heights once the civil war is over.  Israel has said that they will take appropriate action towards the anti-air craft missiles and Assad and Russia responded if Israel does they too will take measures against Israel.  Israel is completely surrounded by its enemies and is concerned that Assad’s chemical weapons will fall in to the wrong hands.  The Middle East is a cup of trembling and we must stand with Israel.  The implications of what will take place will be felt worldwide.  As Christians we should not panic but we should be prepared and committed to stand in prayer and in every way possible with Israel.


The Three Most Important Decisions you will make in your life all begin with the letter “C”


LISTEN NOW! John and Pat discuss the most important decisions anyone can make in their life all begin with the letter “C”.  We make so many decisions in life and so many of the decisions we make just don’t affect us they affect others too.  They encourage us and share wisdom regarding three important decisions we will make in life.




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