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VFNRadio First Hour June 18, 2013



WATCH! Two dogs can teach others how to get along: Humor

Pat, John and Steve discuss a video of Pat’s two dogs Holly and Samson.  They share about how these two dogs that are completely different in size play so nicely with each other.  They continue to discuss how these dogs can teach others how to play nicely.


    Flying Bikes? Don’t let anyone rain on your dream


John, Pat and Steve discuss how engineers in Czech Republic and the unveiling of a prototype of an electric bicycle that can fly.  They continue to discuss the advancement of technology and how things are progressing in the future. They share about how the first plane was put in flight and how and how it happened.   They encourage us not to give up or give in to the naysayers but instead stick with our dreams and persevere.  The person who never failed at anything is a person who has never tried anything, Keep trying, keep doing, and persevere until the end. 


    Bloomberg at it again Recycling Food Scraps?


John, Pat and Steve share how New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg is at it again.  CBN reports that his plan requires New Yorkers to separate food scraps for composting.  Under this program residents would be required to collect food waste and put it in picnic basket sized containers in their homes.  They continue to discuss how there are those in government who think they know what’s best for others and want control all areas of life.  We have a constitution that protects U.S. citizens of having the government controlling all parts of their lives.  When is enough, enough?

The Constitution- The Original Intent and Purpose Part 1 of 5

John, Pat and Steve discuss the first part of a five part series regarding the U.S Constitution and Freedom by Judge Andrew Napolitano.  In order to fully understand, appreciate or protect anything that has ever been created it would serve us well to get an understanding of the original intent of the author, creator or inventor of the object.  They continue to discuss that if we are going to truly understand, protect and defend the Constitution it would serve us well to know the original intent of the Founding Fathers when they crafted it.  In this highlight they discuss the Stamp Act imposed by King George, the Writ of Assistance Act as well the two frames of thought that were debated regarding our rights.  One frame of thought is a belief that our rights are God given and the other is that rights are given by government.  We have a constitution that begins with three simple yet powerful words…We the People.





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