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VFNRadio First Hour June 24, 2013



Christian Tight Rope Walker Walks across the Grand Canyon
LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Chris share about a Christian tight rope walker’s latest walk across the Grand Canyon.  Nick Willenda comes from a family of tight rope walkers and has his grandfather, uncle, and cousin all die while performing.  Nick who walked across the Grand Canyon without tether or safety net gives all the glory to God.


    A Wall of LOVE to Honor Fallen Soldier and to Keep Protesters out
John, Pat and Chris share about how a crowd of people of over 1,000 gathered to honor fallen soldier Army Staff Sgt. Jesse Thomas who died while serving in Afghanistan; pnj.com reports allegedly amid rumors that the Westboro Baptist Church planned to protest the service.  They continue to discuss the huge outpouring of support, honor and appreciation.  Many came with their signs, American flags and patriotism to drown out anyone that would protest or dishonor the fallen.  They continue to share how great it is to be an American and encourage us to stand for our nation and the Constitution that helps to make it one of the greatest places to live in the world. 
    H.S. Valedictorian Get His Mic turned off During his speech
LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Chris discuss how a class valedictorian had his mic turned off by the school officials during his graduation speech.  The student mentioned Jesus in his speech and because of that the school officials muted his mic; allegedly the school has apologized for the incident.  John, Pat, and Chris discuss about all the worst things the young man could have said or done to bring dishonor to himself, fellow class mates, school and community but instead he mentions Jesus and gets his mic turned off as a result.  They express their appreciation for the young man for not backing down and not mentioning Jesus and for standing for his constitutional rights.  
IRAN has a New President but has anything Changed?
LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Chris discuss Iran’s new president and whether anything will change as a result.  Although Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is no longer the President of Iran many are saying that although style will be different the message will remain the same when it comes to new Iranian President Sayyed  Hassan Rowhani.   In fact, CBN reports that the new Iranian President served on a committee that approved the 1994 terror attack  on a Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires.  They continue to share how Iran still remains unchanged in the goal of taking Israel out and will continue to develop a nuclear weapon.  They also share how new rockets have been launched into Israel from Gaza. They warn the nations of the world about poking the apple of God’s eye; Israel and to know that there is one who is zealous for Zion and He almighty God will not stay still.  Nations of the world be warned and do Israel no harm.  They share prophetic song Zealous for Zion by Misty Edwards from the International House of Prayer.

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