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VFNRadio First Hour, June 4, 2013


Wife of Imprisoned Pastor Abedini  appeals to the Human Rights Council

LISTEN NOW! John, Pat, and Steve discuss how pastor Abedini’s wife appeals to the Human Rights Council on behalf of her imprisoned husband.  Pastor Abedini is being held in Evin Prison in Iran for his Christian faith.  He is being tortured, beaten and has suffered from internal bleeding.  According to CBN Iran’s failure to apply the strict test of necessity and proportionality when reviewing whether to impose a restriction on an assembly, has resulted in a “severe violation of his (Saeed’s) basic right to peaceful assembly and religious freedom,” Sekulow said. “This violation must be addressed in order that the intersection between rights of religious expression and peaceful assembly may be reinforced as a cornerstone upon which peace may be established.”  They continue to speak about the many Christians that are being persecuted all over the world.  They encourage us to pray for the persecuted church all over the world. 
    Nurses of Abortion Clinic; “a Meat Market Assembly Line”
LISTEN NOW! John, Pat, and Steve share about the nurses in a Delaware abortion clinic that testified at a Delaware Senate hearing. According to CBN the two nurses said Planned Parenthood clinic performed abortions like a “meat market style assembly line.”   They continue to share how this abortion clinic was unsafe and not sanitize a place where abortions were allegedly committed every 8 to ten minutes.  They continue to speak about how God is answering prayers and many abortionist are being exposed.  In recent months it has been the staffers who have been shedding light of the atrocities that have been taking place.  Join us in this simple yet powerful prayer “Dear God, end abortion send revival.”
    Where is GOD?  Here, There, EVERYWHERE
LISTEN NOW!  John shares how God is here, there, and everywhere.   With drones, cameras and satellites in the sky it is soon getting where you won’t be able to go anywhere without being seen.    However, God has always been able to see our every move.  God is Omni-present which means He is everywhere.  God loves you deeply and nothing you do escapes His eye.  You occupy thoughts in the mind of God.  King David has an encounter with this revelation in Psalm 139 when he is overwhelmed by God’s awesomeness.  God is so in tuned with us because He loves us and desire us to live for Him.  He loves being around His creation.  His arms are not too short to reach out to you; His ears are not stopped up so He won’t hear you.  He is and always will be, ever present.
         Killer Virus MERS Headed for the U.S.
LISTEN NOW! John, Pat, Steve and Chris discuss the killer virus MERS that experts say it’s only a matter of time before it arrives in the United States.    According to CBN the world’s leading health officials are frantically studying a new mystery virus called MERS in an effort to avoid a serious outbreak.  This outbreak has already killed half the people diagnosed with it.  Its victims have one thing in common; they’ve either traveled to the Middle East or have come in contact with someone who did.  They continue to discuss and share that this is just a sign of the times and a convergence of so many things coming together all at the same time.  This is a warning for those who are not walking with God to evaluate their lives and to get right with God.  There is safety but it is only going to be found in the Lord.

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