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VFNRadio Second Hour June 12, 2013


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    Baby Alive! House Bill 1129 protects the life of babies born during a botched abortion 
 John, Pat and Steve discuss the alleged reason why according to the Blaze abortionist Gosnell and others like him cut the spines of babies born during a botched pregnancy.  According to the Blaze “Abortion doctors — clearly on a mission to end pregnancies — find themselves with a conundrum when a baby is born alive. With few options, it seems neck snipping is a definite way to end the lives of these children. Plus, as Crutcher also noted, the procedure reduces doctors’ chances of malpractice. Terminating a life once a baby is born is presumably easier and less risky than doing so before birth, although that doesn’t mean these babies were purposefully born in this way.”  They continue to share how recently in FL. Governor Rick Scott signed into law House Bill 1129 Baby Alive.  This is good news for all babies whose lives depend upon us while in their mother’s wombs and in their “doctor’s” hands.  The Infant Born Alive Act Definitions: This is a living, breathing, baby that was conceived as a result of a botched abortion.  This bill entitles an infant born alive as a result of a botched abortion the same rights that a child born through natural birth is entitled to receive.   The Lord is answering the prayers of the Church.  “Dear God, end abortion send revival.”
    Whoever lives in Love lives in God
Steve, John and Pat share about whoever lives in Love lives in God 1 John 4:16.  They continue to share how it is all about God’s love and having a personal revelation of it.  They discuss how it is very easy for people to say I love you but true love involves action that is displayed and seen.  As believers our calling card is to be people who move in biblical love. 
Mosquitoes 20 times the size of a normal mosquito invade FL

John, Pat, and Steve share how the Gallinippers, mosquitoes which are 20 times larger than the average mosquito have invaded central Florida.  The Mail Online reports that these “Giant mosquitoes the size of a quarter are invading central Florida and officials are warning residents to beware of the ‘notoriously aggressive’ bloodsuckers.”  The mosquitoes don’t carry any diseases however their bite is compared to a sharp knife point.  They continue to share how these are just a sign of the times and fulfillment of a prophetic word given by John Paul Jackson in the Perfect Storm.  It’s time to take head and turn to God. 
Website allows Supporters of Israel to connect in a unique way

John, Pat, and Steve discuss a new endeavor by Paul Wilbur and others who are attempting to connect people all around the world who support Israel.  The name of this project is called Face to Zion, which is a website that allows anyone to send a picture of themselves with a greeting and the picture will be posted online as well as stained in glass to be part of an outdoor structure on the Sea of Galilee.  In a time where it has become unfortunately popular to come against Israel in certain parts of the world, it is refreshing to see how many people love and support Israel.  They continue to encourage us to stand with those who stand with Israel and pray for the apple of God’s eye.



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