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Abortion Ban Headed for Round 2 in Texas UPDATE


LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Steve continue to discuss the 20 week abortion ban that is headed for round 2 in Texas.  They continued to share a recent development in Texas where legislatures are set to vote and pass a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks in the state of Texas.   Governor Rick Perry has called another 30 day session that begins Monday which is a result of state senator Wendy Davis’s 11 hour filibuster and hundreds of demonstrators that ran out the clock to end the last session.  According to Foxnews.com“Perry and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst were equally confident they would be successful this time.”  State Senator Wend Davis was quoted as saying “These are matters of personal liberty.  In Texas, we hold very dear to intrusions against our personal liberty. We fight very hard against that. And we will fight as we begin the session again on Monday,” she said.”  John, Pat, and Steve share how Wendy Davis’ comments are correct if we are talking about the personal liberty of a baby that has a constitutional right to live and not have his life ended.  They reiterate what babycenter.com shares when they speak of the development of a baby that is 20 weeks in the womb.  The baby will more than double in size when at two weeks and his nervous system is connecting to the brain as well as the baby having the ability to hear.    They continue to encourage Christians to be faithful in prayer and to stand with those who are praying a simple prayer “Dear God, end abortion send revival.” 



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