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Avoiding Hardships can result in missing your Destiny


LISTEN NOW! Steve, John and Pat discuss from John Bevier’s book The Bait of Satan about how avoiding hardships can result in missing our destiny.  Steve shares an account that John shares in his book about a time that John and his wife were going through some hardships at the fellowship they were a part of and how a friend was feeding into his discomfort and encouraging John to move on.  They continue to share how God has a plan for our lives and so does Satan.  Satan’s plan is to try to stop God’s plan for your life.  Just because your flesh is not satisfied or things are not going the way you thought they should go it doesn’t mean that it’s not God.  In fact often times God wants to bring us into a new season in our lives but we won’t be able to survive the new season without God working something out and in us.  Allow God to work on you.   He is the potter and you are the clay; refuse to get off the potter’s wheel and allow God to shape you into a vessel he can use for His glory.  


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