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There is purpose for the shakings in our lives


LISTEN NOW! Steve, Pat and John discuss that God has a purpose in the shakings that occur in our lives.  They continue to share from John Bevere’s book, Bait of Satan.  They share from John’s Bevere book where he writes “Even though Simon Peter had received abundant revelation of who Jesus was, he was not yet walking in the character and humility of Christ.  He was building his life and ministry with pat victories and pride.”  Peter was going through a sifting process in his life.  He could have chosen to be offended by the process and be disqualified for further use or choose to allow God to do what He wanted to do through whatever means He chose so that Peter could go through a process that would result in having what needed to be shaken out of his life so that he could be used in the master’s hand.   You can’t live on past revelations it’s about walking in humility and trusting God to bring you through every step of the way. 


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