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VFNRadio First Hour July 11, 2013



See it: Amazing  Hovercraft Golf Cart

LISTEN NOW: John, Pat, and Steve the latest invention in golf carts for golfing.  Pro golfer, Bubba Watson, came up with a concept that would turn an average golf cart into a hovercraft that travels over land and water.  They enjoy discussing the possibilities.


        The Value of Hard Work;Coal Mining  not for wimps


John, Pat, and Steve discuss the value of hard work in America as they discuss the men who work in the coal minds of America.  They share how their friend, a former miner, spoke with them the about realities of working in the mines and the dangerous conditions in which they work in every day.  They continue to share the respect they have for all the people in times past and present that have worked hard.  They expressed the importance of teaching the next generation the necessity of having a good work ethic 
with an appreciation of working with excellence

Are you Desperate for God
John, Pat, and Steve ask  the question; are you desperate for God.  They continue to share that we can’t have a move of God in our lives unless we are truly desperate for God.  They share  what desperation is and what is not and even discuss Biblical examples of those who in the Bible who were desperate.  People who are desperate have some character trait in common such has humility, display urgency, they possess an inner cry, they are willing to pay the cost,  they persevere and are in tune with the reality of their need.  They encourage us to not to find hope, comfort, security in anything else but Jesus.  They challenge us to look inwardly and not settle for the status quo but to determine in our hearts that with the life we have left we will go after God. 

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