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VFNRadio First Hour July 15, 2013



Pat’s dog Samson not so Tough; humor


LISTEN NOW: Pat, Chris and John discuss how Pat’s pug went over the weekend to be with his brother Frankie.  As previously shared on VFNRadio Samson was running the show when it came to Pat’s other dog Holly.  However this was not the case when Samson visited Frankie.  Chris shares funny moment s when Samson ran away from Frankie.  They also discuss world record setting dog Norman who can actually ride on a scooter while standing on his hind feet.



    Zimmerman’s Acquittal; Keeping Perspective


John, Pat and Chris discuss Zimmerman’s acquittal and the importance of keeping perspective.  They discuss that either way you look at the outcome it is just sad.  One you boy has been killed and another man will be marked for the rest of his life.    They continue to talk about how important it is to have perspective and understanding of all the injustices that have occurred throughout America’s history.  We can’t just look at one incident and come to a conclusion but look at history over some time.  Part of healing me is hearing me and we do that we pause to see through the eyes of others.  They also discussed how the U.S. Constitution could be seen through the whole trial.  They shared how Sunday mornings are still the most segregated hours in the week.  That’s when the church gathers in their respective places of worship.  If we are going to get race right in America it needs to start in the church.



    NEW Film crashes websites from so many  downloads; Evolution vs. God


John, Pat and Chris discuss Ray Comfort’s new film Evolution vs. God:” Shaking the Foundations of Faith.” In an interview with CBN “Comfort said he believes the film brings to the forefront the one question scientist don’t want to hear, “Is there observable evidence to support the perspective of Darwinian Evolution?”  They continued to discuss all truth is God’s truth and the impact this movie will have as it confronts a lie.



    Former NY Met Darryl Strawberry; turned life around and now an ordained minister


John, Pat and Chris discuss how former NY Met’s baseball player Darryl Strawberry has been set free from drug addiction and is now an ordained minister.  John shares that when he was a young teenager he enjoyed watching Darryl Strawberry play as he was a great player and was sadden when he found out what had happened to Darryl.  Today, Strawberry is set free and is ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ and no longer wants anything to do with his former life as a baseball player.  Strawberry says, “That person is dead.”   The mission statement for Strawberry Ministries reads, “Restoring lives and Relationships through the power of God and the process of change.”   They continue to discuss how important it is to move pass from who you use to be so that you can live life for how God wants you to be. 




    Are you really a Christian?


John, Pat and Chris ask the question; are you really a Christian?  They continue to share that in the Message bible Romans 2:28 says “It’s the mark of God on your heart, not of a knife on your skin that makes a Jew.   They continue to say that just because someone calls themselves a Christian doesn’t mean they are one.   Many people today identify themselves as being a Christian.  In fact, Gallup Polls says that 77% of Americans identify themselves as being a Christian.  If that was true that would mean that based upon that percentage there would be 245 million Christians living in the United States and if that was the case America would not be in the place that it is today.  So this begs the question; what is a Christian.  They continue to discuss some ideas and circumstances as they answer this question.  They encourage us to follow what the Bible teaches and that is to examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith; to perform a self –examination, leading to an investigation which produces an evaluation.  They remind us that it is better to examine ourselves while we still can and that it is not too late.


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