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VFNRadio First Hour July 19, 2013


Lose Your Weight for Gold?


LISTEN NOW!  John, Pat and Chris discuss a new contest from Dubai for their residents.  It is a weight loss contest that rewards contestants for losing weight in gold.  They enjoy a funny moment just thinking of the possibilities.


City of Detroit Files for Bankruptcy; Rebuild and Comeback with God


 John, Pat and Chris discuss how the city of Detroit has just filed for bankruptcy.  Detroit a city that was known for Motown and the motor city is now coming to be known as a dead zone an urban wasteland.  The city of Detroit has now over 45,000 abandoned and burned down houses, a joblessness rate of 50% and it now has a murder rate higher than the country of Columbia.  They continue to discuss how this is the future of America unless we repent.  Things are so bad in Detroit that many of the police are leaving the city with the city already losing 1,000 police officers.  The city is now 18 billion dollars in debt.   They continue to discuss that now as Detroit restructures their debt and looks to make a comeback that they come back the right way.   The auto bail out proved that it’s not about adding more money to fix the problem  but what Detroit needs to do is to turn to God. 


RA Dickey Award Winning MLB Pitcher comes back from the Brink of Disaster

 John, Pat and Chris discuss RA Dickey, MLB Pitcher and CY Young Award Winner’s, testimony and how he came back from the brink of disaster.  RA shares in his I am second testimony of the sexual abuse he faced as a child and the many setback and struggles he faced as a boy and a struggling pitcher trying to make it in the major leagues.  He shares how he came to the end of himself and surrendered and God took him on a journey.  He eventually made the major leagues learning a new unconventional pitch called the knuckleball. The nature of the pitch is to release the ball without it spinning which is not an easy thing to do and surrender the results of where the pitch will wind up.  It’s a lot like what we have to do with our lives.  We need to surrender it to Jesus and allow Him to take over.  Chris shares how God did the same for him and brought him back from a low place in his life.  God is faithful; all we have to do is surrender and turn our lives over to Him.

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