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VFNRadio First Hour July 23, 2013


“Grandma Drummer”  Has Incredible Skills   

LISTEN NOW!  John, Greg and Pat discuss a video of an elderly woman who walked in a drum store and began to play the drums.  They continue to marvel at her skills as she demonstrates incredible skills even twirling drum sticks in each hand all while keeping  the beat; absolutely amazing!
Kirk Cameron just Proven “Unstoppable”
Greg, John and Pat discuss Kirk Cameron’s new movie “Unstoppable” trailer that was banned from Facebook and YouTube.  Kirk Cameron was able to get the word out and nearly 250,000 people on Facebook responded and Facebook lifted their ban as well as YouTube.  The movie is about Kirk’s life as he goes on a journey to answer the question; where is God in the midst of tragedy and suffering?
The Tangible Evidence of Faith
Greg, John and Pat discuss the importance of having tangible evidence that proves our faith.  They continue to share that it’s not about having faith in faith but rather faith in God.   God is the creator and made us in His image and that means amongst many other things that He has given us the ability to create.    He tells us in His word for us to take dominion over the earth and to speak things into existence.  They continue to share about the account in Mark 2 of the paralytic that was lowered in a packed house where Jesus was preaching so that he might be healed by the Lord.  The Bible says that when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, son your sins are forgiven.  Jesus saw their faith displayed.  James 2:17 says “In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action is dead”.  When we have faith in God we are trusting in God’s word, God’s ways and His proven character, integrity and faithfulness.  Faith is so powerful that the enemy does everything he can do to stop it and one of the things he does is to sow doubt in what God has called us to do.  Doubt causes you to feel uncertain, unsure, skeptical, and lacking confidence.  They continue to share the importance of having a clear cut vision and moving forward in faith.  Everything that happens in the kingdom happens by faith.  You can’t measure what God has called you to do with your logical mind but rather believe God from your spirit.  Faith is so powerful that can be seen and felt.
A Future King is Born
 Greg, John and Pat discuss the recent arrival, the birth of a future king born to Prince William and Princess Kate.  They continue to discuss all the clamor and pomp that is happening right now as all in the United Kingdom are excited and are anticipating first glimpses of the new royal baby.   They continue to share how there was a day when a man, Joseph and a woman, Mary, did the right thing.   Mary gave birth to a future king.  She gave birth to Jesus who would have a government that would see no end.  They encourage us to watch all the pomp over the England’s new royal birth for perspective on how honor is displayed to monarchy.  How can we approach Jesus any different?


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