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VFNRadio First Hour July 29,2013


Greg’s Mariana Adventure; Biscuits, Chicken, and  the lost Planner

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss Greg’s Mariana adventure.  They discuss how Greg was in Mariana celebrating Pastor Jack and Shellie Hollis’ 50th wedding anniversary.He shares how he went through the entire day from meeting to meeting without a very important item, his planner.  He thought he secured it well only to discover his planner had been missing most of the day.  As he was getting a late snack of chicken wings and biscuits it dawned on him that his planner had been missing all day.  He shares what he felt like as he was considering what had happened.  He back tracked his steps, asked people had they found it or had it been turned in by anyone and every possible lead ended with no planner.  Greg prayed and believed God would bring the planner back to him.  He continues to share that as he and his wife were driving at night searching for his planner they both at the same time spotted the planner on the side of the rode completely untouched, safe and sound.  They continue to share how he could have given up and faced the reality that his planner was gone but instead he prayed stuck with it and God led him straight to it.  No matter what you are facing small or big; no matter what you have lost they encourage us to have faith and trust God to bring it back.
Israeli  says” Shame on America” for Israel releasing convicted Killers


 John, Greg, and Pat share how Israelis are saying shame on America.   According to CBN “The United States announced the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian talks Sunday after years of stalemate.  But the new step has already come with a high price for Israel, with the Jewish state giving in to American pressure to release 104 Palestinian prisoners convicted of killing Israelis.”  This has been done just so the Palestinians will come to the table and discuss peace with Israel.   Israel continues to make huge concessions to avoid war but instead work towards peace.  They continue to share that if Israel is pushed to give up Jerusalem we will all suffer.  On several occasions when policies of the United States effect Israel, especially regarding giving up the land, we in the United States experience the ramifications.   They encourage us to remain faithful to pray for Israel.

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