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VFNRadio Second Hour, July 1, 2013



Woman Bound by Anxiety shares Powerful Testimony of being Set Free!

LISTEN NOW John and Pat interview a woman named Nicole who suffered with anxiety and fear for seven years.  In this moving interview she shares her struggle and suffering and how much fear stole from her.  Her honesty and transparency is encouraging as she shares how fear affected every area of her life; her relationship with her son and other family members and even her job.  She describes how fear would cause her to have to leave work because it literally made her ill and how there would be moments in her life where she couldn’t even leave the house to buy milk.  She goes on to share that after she got baptized the same day she received prayer to rid fear from her life.  Nicole shares in great detail the delivering power of Jesus Christ to set one free.  She continues to share how the Lord set her completely free and how overjoyed she is with her new found freedom and the possibilities that now await her.  Nicole is an example of what the Bible tells us in John 8:36 “So if the son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”
         Avoiding Hardships can result in missing your Destiny
Steve, John and Pat discuss from John Bevier’s book The Bait of Satan about how avoiding hardships can result in missing our destiny.  Steve shares an account that John shares in his book about a time that John and his wife were going through some hardships at the fellowship they were a part of and how a friend was feeding into his discomfort and encouraging John to move on.  They continue to share how God has a plan for our lives and so does Satan.  Satan’s plan is to try to stop God’s plan for your life.  Just because your flesh is not satisfied or things are not going the way you thought they should go it doesn’t mean that it’s not God.  In fact often times God wants to bring us into a new season in our lives but we won’t be able to survive the new season without God working something out and in us.  Allow God to work on you.   He is the potter and you are the clay; refuse to get off the potter’s wheel and allow God to shape you into a vessel he can use for His glory.
Let Anger Go; Don’t Stir it Up
John, Steve and Pat encourage us to let anger go and refuse to stir it up.  They share from Proverbs 30:3 For as churning the milk produces butter, and as twisting the nose produces blood, so stirring up anger produces strife.  They continue to share the process that takes place for butter to be produced. Butter was made many years ago by putting milk in a barrel and churning it with a plunger.  The more the milk was churned the more clumpy it got until it turned into a solid state called butter.  They discuss the same is true when it comes to anger.  The more anger is “churned” in our thoughts and words the likelihood strife will be produced.  Many homes, families, businesses, and even churches are filled with strife because of the churning of anger.  Anger must be dealt with at the cross and given to the Lord.  Instead of churning anger they encourage us to churn love so that an environment of love and peace can be produced.   


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