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VFNRadio Second Hour July 10, 2013


What does Jesse Jackson, Justin Beiber, Celine Dion, and Tim Tebow have in Common?

LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Steve ask the question, what does Jesse Jackson, Justin Beiber, Celine Dion, and Tim Tebow have in Common?  All four of them were born despite each of their mother’s receiving counsel about having an abortion.  They continue to discuss how God is answering a simple yet powerful prayer “Dear God, end abortion send revival.”  We are seeing that come to pass across the country as we are seeing legislation that is being passed tightening restriction on abortions.  They discuss a recent article published in CharismaNews.org written
by Larry Tomczack entitled, Did Wendy Davis’ Pro-Abortion Filibuster Mark a Pro-Life Tipping Point?   They discuss how with technological advances, such as 3D ultrasound, many are reevaluating their position of abortion.  He further writes that “Texas and 14 other states are now either endorsing 20-week abortion-ban bills or tightening standards for abortion clinics.  He also writes regarding what has happened to  the African American race as a result of abortions.  “Black Americans are awakening to what their leaders are calling the “black genocide.” Planned Parenthood, which performs 330,000 abortions a year—one every 95 seconds—now takes more than $500 million of our tax money through government grants and performs almost 60 percent of its abortions on African-American women, although African-American women account for just 6 percent of the population. Alveda King, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, says this “has led the way in eliminating African-Americans to the point where one quarter of the black population is now missing because of abortion!”   They continue to share that although over 50 plus million babies have been aborted, murdered new legislation that is being passed across the country shines a ray of hope that abortion will come to an end and revival will come to this nation and the world.  Join us, as we pray together “Dear God end abortion, send revival.
There is purpose for the shakings in our lives 
Steve, Pat and John discuss that God has a purpose in the shakings that occur in our lives.  They continue to share from John Bevere’s book, Bait of Satan.  They share from John’s Bevere book where he writes “Even though Simon Peter had received abundant revelation of who Jesus was, he was not yet walking in the character and humility of Christ.  He was building his life and ministry with pat victories and pride.”  Peter was going through a sifting process in his life.  He could have chosen to be offended by the process and be disqualified for further use or choose to allow God to do what He wanted to do through whatever means He chose so that Peter could go through a process that would result in having what needed to be shaken out of his life so that he could be used in the master’s hand.   You can’t live on past revelations it’s about walking in humility and trusting God to bring you through every step of the way.
The Power of Prayer
John, Pat and Steve share about the power of prayer.  They continued to share that with so many things happening around and in life that we mustn’t forget the importance and power of prayer.  Prayer changes things.  God is looking for someone to stand in the gap and to make intercession.  Many are praying out of their desires but the true blessing is to pray what is in the heart of God.  “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. 1Timothy 2:1-2 

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